November Outlook

Issuance Date : October 31st



The month of November will be characterized but a lot of ups and downs of temperatures. The month will start off below average for much of the northern and central Plains and through the Ohio Valley, then that will transition eastward eventually before a brief period mid-month of normal to above average temperatures lasting a week and a half. Looking for a surge in cold air late month near Thanksgiving and as we head into the start of December for much of the eastern 2/3rds of the nation. As a whole, above average temperatures will win out in the west, average temperatures for the Great Plains and below average temperatures mostly induced by wet weather from the southeastern United States, Ohio Valley and Great Lakes and average temperatures for the northeastern United States.



If you live in the Ohio Valley, Great Lakes and northern Plains, expect this month to delivery plenty of moisture with it. And we are also talking about parts of the southwestern United States as well. November should start off stormy over the center part of the Nation as well as the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes states. The best chances for any of this precipitation to be snow will be north of I-80 in the northern Plains and the northern Great Lakes. As we transition to the middle of the month things should calm down over the Ohio Valley and northern Plains while the southwestern United States sparks up with more moisture. As we head into the tail end of the month expect precipitation both rain and snow to ramp up for the central Plains, southwest States, Great Lakes and Ohio Valley.