Winter storm next week?

Hi everyone, happy Friday! I know its a long ways out but were going to talk about it anyways. Today I mentioned that we could have some snow and arctic cold on our hands later next week, and the latest EURO and GFS models came out and they are continuing with those thoughts.

The latest EURO model develops quite a storm system starting next Thursday, and this is on the heels of an arctic blast. Temperatures will be more then cold enough for snow if the european model is correct. In fact, it has a wide heavy swath of snow across parts of central and northern Kansas and on either side up into Nebraska it even has 1-4 inches. Temperatures next Thursday on the european model are in the 20s for highs and in the teens and 20s next Friday! Too early to even say its a for sure thing but I have been keeping an eye on this for a while. The GFS computer model has a very similar situation shaping up for the Plains except a little further south into Kansas. My take is that eventually, if the storm is still on the models, it will move more north just because of how early in the year it is. Typically you dont see storm systems dropping snow that far south in early November so lets just wait and see what happens.