Stormy, Cold then snow?

Hi everyone, welcome to the first ever forecast discussion here on Snow Day. I will just go over briefly what I have been seeing in the models over the next week. Like I have said in my November outlook, we are looking at a stormy and cold start to November for the central and northern Plains states then transition eastward as we head into the middle part of the month. The models are bringing in one storm system already through the Ohio Valley as we speak that brought tornadoes for the deep south, but we are also getting another storm system to move through the Plains this weekend, bringing with it a cold soaking rain to parts of Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota. A few wet flakes may mix in over parts of Minnesota Sunday morning. Another larger storm system looks to hit the central Plains and Ohio Valley the middle of next week, not much snow to talk about with this one either but the northern fringes might get a mix at the very end over parts of northern Nebraska and northern Iowa.

This big storm system ushers in much colder air mid to late next week with the potential for some snow over the Great Plains to the Ohio Valley! The GFS model is the model potent with the cold air, with highs in the 30s and 20s north of I-70 in the Plains states a week from now with some snow as well! It has been rather consistent with that feature but some other models are slow to catch on. Most of them at least have the cold air really building after mid next week. Stay tuned for the next discussion as we continues to talk about the cold air coming and potential snow!